Friday, March 11, 2011

Flash Flood hits Fez Medina

A sudden downpour in the Fez Medina brought the main streets to a halt on Friday night. Around 7pm a clap of thunder announced a storm and for the next twenty minutes or so the skies opened up and the rain bucketed down.

Medina street awash

Despite the strength of the rain (or maybe because of it) the only people walking the streets were some fast-thinking umbrella salesmen. They did good business.

At the top of the Talaa Sghira, the deluge caused a river of water to rush down the streets, making walking impossible. Then, as the water built up, the heavy metal lids of storm-water drains were forced open, and the water simply poured down the streets, adding to the torrent.

An overflowing storm-water drain

Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it stopped, leaving a lot of wet people and some very clean streets.


'abdul muHib said...

That was very cool to sit there in the cafe with you, and then see the results of our experience right here on this blog!

Sandy McCutcheon said...

It was good to meet you, even in such damp circumstances!

Wiggy said...

Hi Sandy. I have asked this 2 times already and you do not reply. Have the cabinet and prime minister changes you reported almost 2 weeks ago happened yet?

Sandy McCutcheon said...

Hi Wiggy, only just arrived back in Fez after reasoning around for a couple of weeks. The answer is not yet. Things are probably in stasis because of the "King's Revolution".

rachidofsky said...

Hi! thanks for this beautiful blog about my beloved country Morocco. Keep up the good work.