Friday, May 27, 2011

The Weather in Fez ~ Still Lurching Towards Summer

The odd spell of weather that has brought days of sunshine alternating with rain (and even hail) continues. "I thought Africa was warm," exclaimed one bemused German tourist. I might have been warmer in Hamburg!"

Despite the fact that Fez is such a safe and secure destination, tourist numbers are down again with local guest houses, riads and businesses reporting very low activity. Although real estate is also slow, the restoration sector has been hard hit, with one of the top restoration company directors reporting that they have had little or no work in the last 18 months. Hopefully, the upcoming Fez Festival of World Sacred Music will provide a much needed boost to the local economy. And maybe, just maybe, the weather will improve.

After days in the high twenties and even low thirties (Celsius) the rain has returned and although today (Friday) is forecast to reach 29, it has been around 18 to 20 for most of the morning. Rain has been light, but storms are a possibility today and this evening.

The next few days are also a mixed bag. While Saturday is forecast to be 31 and partly cloudy, the thunderstorms and rain are expected to return on Sunday and Monday. Temperatures should reach 25 on Monday with overnight temperatures as low as 10 degrees.

For the other main centres: 

Rabat and Casablanca, sunny all week with temperatures in the mid-twenties.
Marrakesh, some showers possible today but mostly sunny all week. Temperatures in the high twenties.
Tangier, possible showers on Sunday, but sunny for the rest of the week. Temperatures in the mid-twenties.


Michael & Jo said...

Just a point of interest, which Bab is that in the picture?

matthew said...

Bab Boujeloud.

Helen Ranger said...

I don't think so. I don't recognise it at all.

Anonymous said...

No... is it Rabat? Not Fez, as far as I can tell. But, hey, what about that weather???!!!!