Sunday, June 19, 2011

One Thousand and One Nights ~ more problems

The production of One Thousand and One Nights which rehearsed for ten weeks in Fez, has hit a speed bump. Not only did the production get reviews that suggested it needed a lot more work, but we have now learned that visas to enter the United States have been refused for some cast members.

Without visas, it seems inevitable that the performances at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater will be cancelled. This would not only be a huge financial problem for the company, but would also rob them of time needed to do more work on the production before the opening at the Edinburgh Festival

As The View from Fez reported yesterday, organizations including Chicago Shakespeare Theater and the Edinburgh Festival bought the production - sight unseen - prior to its debut in a commission from the Canadian Luminato Festival of Creativity and the Arts, which funded Tim Supple's London-based Dash Arts project.

The decisions by the US authorities sends a very negative message at a time when such a production has brought together musicians, artists, actors and dancers from different cultures to tell stories that we all need to hear. Let us hope that saner heasds will prevail and that the One Thousand and One Nights team finds a way to prepare for Edinburgh.

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Driss said...

I also heard this bad news and hope the big problems can be sorted out. It sounds like they need time to fix it.