Thursday, June 02, 2011

Weather for The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music

According to the weather scientists we are in for a mixture of weather for Morocco's premier festival. Below you will find the forecasts up until Monday night. We will update the weather next week when the forecasts are more accurate

Friday 3/6/2011
Increasing amounts of sun
High Temperature: 29°C
RealFeel: 33°C

Friday Night 3/6/2011
Clear to partly cloudy
Low Temperature: 13°C
RealFeel: 13°C

Saturday 4/6/2011
Mostly cloudy with a couple of showers
High Temperature: 29°C
RealFeel: 32°C

Saturday Night 4/6/2011
A brief shower in the evening; otherwise, turning out clear
Low Temperature: 14°C
RealFeel: 16°C

Sunday 5/6/2011
Partly sunny with a shower in spots
High Temperature: 27°C
RealFeel: 32°C

Sunday Night 5/6/2011
Low Temperature: 16°C
RealFeel: 16°C

Monday 6/6/2011
Mostly cloudy with a thunderstorm or two
High Temperature: 23°C
RealFeel: 26°C

Monday Night 6/6/2011
Mostly cloudy with thunderstorms
Low Temperature: 12°C
RealFeel: 11°C

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