Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Last year saw a big jump in the number of ATMs in Morocco, with the installation of 480 new terminals, to bring the total number to 5,024. This is an increase over 2010 by 10.6 percent.

The number of credit cards in circulation in Morocco also rose last year with a 13.6 percent increase compared to 2010. The total now is over 8 million cards issued. Just over 85% of the cards (6.9 million) were issued under the brand names of VISA, Mastercard and Moroccan brand CMI.

Last year, the number of transactions through credit cards reached 187.5 million for a total value of 160.3 billion dirhams(19 billion USD) This amount represents a 15.9 percent increase on a yearly basis. In 2010, the number of credit card transactions in the Moroccan market reached 178.3 million, with a total value of 145.9 billion dirhams. Foreign cards totaled only 9.7 million transactions for 14.4 billion dirhams. However, according to CMI, the sustained growth of the Moroccan cards made up for the slight decline in activity for foreign cards.

By type of operation, payments dominated over 93 percent of total operations. Foreign cards accounted for 38.3 percent of the payment value with 5.5 billion dirhams, a slight decline of 1.8 percent compared to 2010.

In regard to withdrawals of cash, international cards represent 61.7 percent of total ATM transactions in the kingdom with 8.9 billion dirhams, down 0.8 percent compared to 2010. Meanwhile, Moroccan credit cards were used in 272,000 transactions abroad, including withdrawals and payments, for a total of 534.2 million of dirhams, up 30.8 percent over 2010.

In 2011, the total amount of online transactions in Morocco reached a turnover of more than 513 million dirhams. This figure reflects a spurt of 72 percent compared to the turnover recorded in 2010, which amounted to 298 million dirhams. During the past year, some 714,000 e-payment transactions were made, more than double (116 percent) compared with the previous year.


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