Thursday, June 07, 2012

Fès Festival Announces Partnership with The View from Fez

Director General of the Spirit of Fes Foundation, Faouzi Skali, today announced the Fès Festival's first ever Media Partnership between the Festival and a blog - The View from Fez.

Director General of the Spirit of Fes Foundation, Faouzi Skali

In many ways the partnership between the Festival and The View from Fez is a natural union. Over the years The View from Fez has devoted more stories and photographs to each Fes Festival than any other media outlet.  For example there were 39 festival related stories in 2009, 52 in 2010, 62 in 2011. The blog is read around the world and has amassed nearly two million page views. It is also syndicated by Lonely Planet.

"We are absolutely delighted by the development. Over the years the Fès Festival of World Sacred Music has become our favourite festival and also the one on which we expend a huge amount of time and energy. Covering so many events can be a logistical problem, but, over the years we have been blessed by having a dedicated team and this year will be no exception. This partnership will certainly be of great assistance to our team" - Sandy McCutcheon, The View from Fez

The View from Fez aims to give a complete picture of the many exciting activities surrounding the festival. We cover not only the main festival events,  but also look behind the scenes and around the fringe of this creative and vibrant event.

On the practical front, the team publishes Medina and venue maps, lists of places to eat close to concert venues and updated Festival news and weather information for Festival visitors.

At the 2012 Fès Festival The View from Fez will be represented by the Editor-in-Chief, Sandy McCutcheon, Arts Editor and photojournalist, Suzanna Clarke, writer and photographer, Vanessa Bonnin and Specialist Music Correspondent, Philip Murphy.

The View from Fez Team
(L-R - Sandy McCutcheon, Suzanna Clarke, Vanessa Bonnin, Phil Murphy

The View from Fez would like to express its profound thanks to North America & Asia Representative and Festival and Forum Director, Zeyba Rahman, for her tireless energy and wise counsel.



Anonymous said...

Well done guys! This is a great achievement and a deserved hats off to you all. I am however sad not to see Helen Ranger as part of the team anymore as she was always extraordinarily helpfull and a true fassi. Please send her regards when you are next in contact. Have a fab Fest everyone x

The View from Fez said...

Thanks for the kind response! We too miss Helen's input but sadly she declined. Hopefully she will be on board again soon.

Desert Majesty said...

The Team at Desert Majesty would like to congratulate you all on the just rewards for your hard work, dedicated reporting and for being such an excellent and constant source of information about Fes and indeed the whole of Morocco. We are all th better off as a result. Felicity Greenlaw-Weber Director Desert Majesty

Anonymous said...

I agree, you deserve to be a partner as nobody has even come close to your excellent coverage. Power to the pen! (oops? keyboard!) Have a great festival

The View From Fez Morocco said...

Thanks for thew kind comments. Thanks Felicity. I hope you can make it to the festival one day.