Friday, June 08, 2012

Fès Festival Opening Delayed by Half Hour

Tonight's opening spectacular - the tribute to Omar Khayyam - has been delayed by half an hour. No official reason was given at this morning's press conference, but insiders suggest it is to do with the lighting the time of the sunset. It is predicted that the slightly later start will make the visual effect much better. The Fès Festival of World Sacred Music will begin at 9pm rather than 8.30 pm.

The press conference, held at the Zalagh Park Palais, was attended by print, radio, television and electronic media representatives from Europe, the UK, Morocco, the USA and Australia. Journalist took advantage of their first opportunity to quiz opening night director, Tony Gaitlif and Festival Artistic director Alain Webber, about what the audience can expect this evening. The answers were all positive and the mood upbeat.


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