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Mother Tongue and Diaspora ~ 8th Festival of Amazigh Culture

More than 20 concerts will be spread over three sites during the Fez Festival of Amazigh Culture, which will be held from July 13 to 15. 

This is one of the major artistic events in the region of Fez-Boulemane. The program this year includes an international forum on the importance of mother tongue and its impact on migration, as well as writing workshops, music performances, poetry readings and the presentation of the new book by the writer Fatéma Mernissi. The program also includes exhibitions of artwork, the parade of the Moroccan caftan, and exhibitions of Amazigh carpets.

Hamadallah Rouicha, Zina, Daoudiya, Berber Rock Abranis from Algeria, Sarsale from Catalogna Ghetonia Italy, Saghruband, Oussan Band from Libya and others will sing the fassi nights through 20 concerts taking place on the legendary site of Bab Makina and in Complex Al-Hurriya.

The Festival of Amazigh culture remains true to its spirit of promoter of the Amazigh culture and of the popular rhythms of Morocco by offering traditional music and by fostering the participation of young musicians from North Africa and the Mediterranean.

Moha Ennaji
For Moha Ennaji, the festival director, "the eighth annual festival of the Amazigh Culture in Fez is part of a national plan to promote the Amazigh culture, which is a fundamental component of the Moroccan cultural legacy. Amazigh culture is a common heritage of Moroccan society that makes diversity its currency. This festival is working to consolidate the development process, the values of peace, dialogue and social cohesion. It also aims to deepen the reflection on strategies to integrate the Amazigh culture in sustainable human development. "

Since its inception eight years ago, the festival of Amazigh culture has become an essential cultural event in Fez and its regions. Its impact goes beyond national boundaries and now begins to gain worldwide fame as a member of the Arianna Euro-Mediterranean Network.

Leila Abouzeid

The opening ceremony of the festival will be held on Friday, July 13 at 4pm at the convention center Palais des Congrès with a tribute to the eminent writer Leila Abouzeid. Later in the evening in the  two concerts will take place at Makina Baba: Hamadallah Rouicha, and Zina Daoudiya whom the festival will honor. The festival will equally honor the traditional poet Mohamed Akouray.


The closing concerts on Sunday, July 15 will be offered by the Catalan group Sarsale, and the Libyan group Oussan Band. Other concerts are programmed for the other days, namely: Saghru Band, Bouazza Laarbi, groups of Rif Tifyur and Bentayeb Abdou, Ras Derb, Ghetonia (Italy), Hassan Angmar, among others.

Concert Programme
Wednesday July 13
19 :00 Complexe Al Hourriya
- Groupe Ghetonia (Italie)
21 :00 : Place Bab Makina
- Hamadallah Rouicha (Maroc)
- Hassan Angmar (Maroc) - Zina Daoudiya (Maroc)

Thursday July 14
19 :00 Complexe Al Hourriya
- Groupe Ras Derb (Maroc)
-Saghru Band (Maroc)

21 :00 : Place Bab Makina - Rock berbère ABRANIS (Algérie)
- Bouazza Larbi (Maroc) 
Friday July 15 
19 : 00 Complexe Al Hourriya - Groupe Tiyfur
- Mohamed Akouray
- Abdou Ben Tayeb

21:00 : Place Bab Makina
- Groupe SARSALE (Catalogne) -Défilé Ca�an marocain
- Oussan Band (Lybie) 



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