Sunday, December 02, 2012

You Are Welcome in Morocco Ms Putin!

Vladimir Putin’s youngest daughter, Yekaterina is apparently about to tie the knot with her Korean boyfriend Yoon Joon-won in Morocco sometime soon. Derek Workman writes that one Marrakech riad has taken the initiative and offered the Russian President, or his daughter, a room.

You are welcome here any time, Ms Putin!

"The Russian President supposedly visited Marrakech this week to sort out the hush-hush wedding of his daughter, that will probably take place La Mamounia Hotel. All I can say, Vlad dear, is that if La Mamounia is over-booked I’m sure we can help you at Villa Dinari."

They may not get the booking, but they certainly gain points for trying!


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xoussef said...

If I remember my Russian naming conventions well, soon-to-be Mrs Yoon is still Ms Putina :)

But surely everyone understands that, Moroccan hospitality oblige, his Majesty would not suffer a head of state to stay anywhere but in a royal residence?! :)