Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Boxing Workshop in Fez - a smash hit!

Boxing teacher Christophe Tendil

Last weekend an area of the Fez Medina resounded to the grunts and thumps of glove hitting glove and, occasionally, contact with flesh, writes Suzanna Clarke

Fourteen people participated in the three day boxing and kickboxing workshop, on Saturday to Monday mornings, held at Jardin des Biehn. Participants ages ranged from 14 year olds through to those in their 60's. The tutor was the extraordinary Christophe Tendil - a veteran boxer with nine titles under his belt, including World Champion in kickboxing (1997 & 1998) and World Champion in boxing in 2007.

Suleman and Brice get into the swing of things

Tendil isn't a huge man, but has incredibly quick reflexes; he moves like a cat. He proved to be an excellent teacher - patient and informative. As well as showing the practical side, he spoke about having respect for one's opponent and boxing being a sport of strategy, rather than agression. And it was true; the combinations of moves required, while at the same time anticipating what could come back at you, made it resemble a complex dance. 

Christophe and Zorah show how it's done

A playful mood pervaded the terrace, and there was a lot of laughter. Towards the end of the three hours every day, however, things quietened down as people concentrated on preserving their energy to last the distance - while Tendil appeared tireless. 

Kleo and Zorah slug it out

For beginners like myself, having Tendil teach me boxing was a bit like asking Mozart to teach a child "chopsticks".  But he didn't discriminate between those with experience and those without, and was encouraging and attentive to all.

Paul's height was a definite advantage
Kleo lands a punch - with her eyes closed! 

Last weekend was a rich and rewarding - albeit exhausting - experience. Let's hope Tendil can be persuaded to do another workshop in Fez sometime. 

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Hind and Mohamed hard at play

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