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What to Expect at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music 2013 - Opening Night

A sneak preview of opening night at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music - expect to be amazed!

Andrés Marín
The opening night for the 2013 Fes Festival of World Sacred Music is the presentation of the premier of Love Is My Religion,  which is best is described as Andalusia recreated through poetry, dance and music. The performance is directed by Andrés Marín. The show will feature more than thirty Arabo-Andalusian, Sufi, Amazigh and Spanish flamenco artists and includes: Andrés Marín, dance, Carmen Linares, vocals, Amina Alaoui, vocals, Cherifa, vocals and Samira Kaderi, vocals. The music co-ordination is by Aziz Al Achab

A white-blazed gazelle
is an amazing sight,
red-dye signalling,
eyelids hinting,
Pasture between breastbones
and innards.
O Marvel,
a garden among the flames!
My heart can take on
any form:
a meadow for gazelles,
a cloister for monks,
For the idols, sacred ground,
Ka'ba for the circling pilgrim,
the tables of the Torah,
the scrolls of the Qur'án.
I profess the religion of love;
wherever its caravan turns along the way,
that is the belief,
the faith I keep.
Extract from Turjman al Ashwaq - The Interpreter of Desires
Ibn 'Arabi

The Performance
The spectacle will take the audience on a journey through the words and poetry of the great philosophers and mystics belonging to the three monotheistic religions. Among them, the Sufi mystic and philosopher Ibn Tufayl, Maymoun Maimonides the Jewish philosopher and mystic, Raymond Lully Christian apologist and Mallorcan novelist Ibn 'Arabi. The show will examine a civilisation at the height of whose cultural ferment was the quest for mystical love.

Andrés Marín
Andrés Marín is one of the most significant artists of flamenco today. His productions are centred on the flamenco tradition, especially on classic songs, however, not from a conventional perspective, but through a very personal style and aesthetic which is absolutely contemporary. His dance is considered one of the most innovative in the world of flamenco. Son of flamenco artists, Andrés Marín was born in Seville in 1969, started dancing at a young age, training with his father. Marín began as a professional in 1992, but never entered into any company. He worked as a soloist and choreographer in various shows and events until 2002 when he founded his own company.

Carmen Linares
Born in Linares (Jaén Province, Andalusia)is the acknowledged heiress of the flamenco tradition. Carmen Pacheco Rodriguez, known as "Carmen Linares," won a special place in the universe of the song, becoming an artist with international reputation and she remains among the most requested performers in the world of flamenco. Her voice and nuanced musicality delivers a style that is both very personal and versatile.

Get the full festival programme in English, Spanish or French HERE

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