Thursday, April 25, 2013

Agadir Students Develop 100% Moroccan Electric Car

Youssef El Kaidi writing for Morocco World News from Fez reports that a group of students in Agadir have developed a unique electric vehicle

It took almost a year for a group of young ENSA Agadir students, united under the name Ensacar, to design and manufacture Abchir1 from beginning to end. “This is a car that does not exceed 50 kilometers per hour. Our goal in this project was not to create a fast sports car but a vehicle that consumes no energy,” Aniss Addebbous, one of the students who worked on the project was quoted by the Moroccan news outlet Yabiladi as saying. This is not Ensacar’s first automobile design as they have already made two other car models with combustion engines.

The peculiarity of this electric vehicle is that there is not a single central engine placed under the hood; instead; there are two engines installed in two of the four wheels of the car. Rolling the car creates and recycles energy.

Ensacar will present their car, Abchir1, from May 13th-19th at the Shell Eco-Marathon in Rotterdam, an annual international competition that pits students from the world’s largest engineering schools who have developed a unique and environmentally-friendly car.

Abchir1 is not the first electric car created by young Moroccans. In 2010, six students from the National School of Applied Sciences of Tetouan presented their cars to the public, before presenting them at the Shell Eco-Marathon.

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