Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marrakech Menara in the Top 10 African Airports

Good news for Marrakech Menara Airport - it is has been ranked ninth in the Top 10 of the best airports in Africa by the "World Airport Awards 2013". This classification occurs after an annual satisfaction survey organized by Skytrax, a consulting agency based in London, with the airport users in over 160 countries

Marrakech Menara Airport

 The airport is the only one to enjoy this place in the Maghreb. In addition, Marrakech Menara climbed into fourth place in the category "Regional Airports" in Africa giving it a certain prestige.

However things are not so rosy for the national airline. Royal Air Morocco faces competition from low cost airlines and says that "2014 may be a very difficult year for the company. And even if the year 2013 is okay, it will not be the same for 2014."

The statement from Royal Air Morocco (RAM) was cited by the newspaper The Economist,. According to the statement the problem is largely due to competition from low-cost airlines.

 If nothing is done, 2014 is likely to be very difficult "one year, said the source, noting however that the results of the company are positive so far and exceed the expectations of the program contract, signed in late 2011 with the state. This included, for the record, an investment plan of 9.3 billion dirhams for the period 2011-2016.

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Aisha said...

A few years ago Royal Air Maroc were offering really cheap tickets to Morocco from UK obviously increasing tourism and thus bringing valuable tourist cash into the kingdom.We came ourselves during this time and met frequent travellers taking advantage of the price.So if anyone from RAM is tickets from UK equals full planes!

Anonymous said...

I tried several times over the past week to buy flights with Royal Air Maroc, however my credit card was not accepted. I ended up booking with Transavia for much less on the same day at practically the same time!