Friday, September 06, 2013

Autumn Arrives in Fez ~ Cooler Temperatures And Rain On The Way

The skies darken over Fez
Children exercising on a Fez rooftop in the cooler weather

Like so many of the climatic changes in Fez, the coming of autumn was not a gradual process, but arrived with a sudden drop in temperatures and a hint that rain was on the way.

From weeks of hot days and very warm nights, the temperatures have dropped from mid-thirties Celsius, to high twenties. Better still, for those who found getting to sleep in the heat a little difficult, night time temperatures are predicted to come down as low as fourteen or fifteen degrees in the coming week.

Rain is expected over the weekend with heavier showers on Monday when the temperature will only get to twenty-six degrees.

The promise of cooler weather has seen a sudden increase in the number of tourists with some riads being fully booked until mid November.

The Ruined Garden - opened again last night

The weather has also proved perfect for outdoor restaurants. This week saw the reopening of the Ruined Garden and for those who prefer a stylish indoor setting Dar Roumana is back serving gourmet delights.

The Ruined Garden is now open every day except Wednesday from midday until 22.30. Dar Roumana is open for dinner Tuesday - Saturday from 7.30pm.

The Ruined Garden cat checks out the new season's guests

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