Thursday, September 05, 2013

Moroccan Internet Users Rank High On World Porn Searches

Morocco has seen a huge take-up of computers and smart phones. So the question was asked "what do Moroccans use the technology for?" According to the Bladi website, Google, Facebook and Youtube are the most visited sites by Moroccan Internet users. That did not come as a surprise, but when Bladi dug a little deeper and used Alexa research statistics, they discovered that the favourite sites for Moroccans in the month of August 2013, were four pornographic websites.

The Google Trends application also shows that Moroccans are fond of erotic queries : the Kingdom of Morocco is number five in the list of countries where "sex" is the most requested search query. The search for "Video X" places Morocco in third place third, just behind Algeria and France.

An interesting anomaly is that research showed a dramatic decline in sex queries in July 2013 - the time of the Holy month of Ramadan. It appears that Moroccans observe more temperance and moderation during the month of fasting.

While it might have seemed a reasonable guess that Marrakech was the source of a majority of the searches for Internet porn, it was in fact the region of Rabat that recorded the highest number of requests in relation to sex, according to Google Trends.

The standout area of Morocco that goes against the trend is the province of Taounate where the Internet users appear to have taken a vow of chastity. According to the statistics Taounate users do are almost no research related to sex.

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'abdul muHib said...

Why Marrakesh?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that "sin city" Marrakesh did not score higher, but not surprised by Rabat. Political cities are the same the world over.

Fatima said...

Yes Marrakesh seems to be falling behind!