Monday, December 23, 2013

Dining in Fez Over the Festive Season

While most restaurants in the Fez Medina are now fully booked for Christmas and New Year's Eve, there are still a few options then and until January 5  

Fez Cafe still have a few tables available for Christmas and New Year's Eve. On Christmas Day, their offerings includes a starter of ravioles avec sa petite gambas and a main of turbot avec asperges et ses pampelmousses rose, with pintade aux marrons for dessert. For New Year's Eve the menu includes a starter of crème de marron à d'huile argan, a main of médaillion de boeuf en crépine, with mascapone à l'orange for dessert. During the festive season they are open every day from 7.30 pm to 10 pm, or later with a booking.

Dar Finn still has a couple seats for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day dinner. Their Christmas Day Dinner includes beef tagine with almonds and eggs and baked orange and lemon cheesecake for dessert. They also offer traditional Moroccan music from 6 pm, with dinner from 8 pm.

The Ruined Garden may have availability with their regular menu in the garden on New Year's Eve, depending on the weather. On other days, they are open as normal every day except Wednesdays from 1 pm to 9.30 pm. Reservations are advisable if you would like to be in the salon.

Dar Roumana is will be open every night from now until January 5. They are fully booked for Christmas Day and New Years Eve, but have a few tables left on other dates - so call and check availability.

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anne schmitz said...

The worst thing that can happen! What are people who make this kinda decisions thinking???? I liv close to Eindhoven airport in the Netherlands, and all my Moroccan friends and myself are very happy that we don't have to go to Belgium or Germany to catch a plane to less then half an hour we are at the airport, and the tickets are cheap, i hope the goverment will see some sense and cancel this plan, it would be killing for Moroccan turism.

Anonymous said...

I hope they will not stop flights from London and rome, this would be the end of tourism in Fes, incredible, how can they improve the number of visitors and then act like if they don't want them ? What about Fes airport? It will be all lonely and empty? Where's the common sense here? Wake up