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Fes Festival of World Sacred Music - Festival Fringe Events

During the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music there are a number of festival fringe events that are worth checking out, especially if it is your first time in Morocco

The fringe group activities will be held throughout the duration of the festival. They all require a minimum of six people for every event and once those numbers are reached each activity will be confirmed with twenty-four hours notice.

Drum Making Workshop

Music is a cornerstone of Moroccan life and can be heard from homes, celebrations, young street musicians and Gnawa groups throughout the medina.

The fabulous setting for this adventure is a bohemian Fondouk in the middle of the Medina. You will be introduced to a specialist drum-maker who will help you to choose an unfinished earthenware tom-tom drum and then take you to the worker to choose your leather hide of camel, goat or fish skin. You can decide by testing some out finished drums for the varying sounds. Then you are taught by the expert craftsmanship how to work the hide onto the drum by yourself and the technical skill of different stringing to secure it tightly to create the drum's tones.

The workshop concludes with a drumming session with a local professional drummer. So this is a unusual opportunity to create Moroccan rhythms and the beats of ancient times is your very own instrument.

The Sacred Music Festival 450DH Price is per person. Duration 3 hours. Meet at 10am at the Batha Post Office (see booking details at the bottom of this post)

Tasting Trails - A Culinary Adventure

The famous tasting trails will run as a group activity from Saturday 14th to Thursday 20th at 10am to 12.30pm.

This activity involves an exciting journey, winding your way through the alleys and souqs with a Fez food expert.

You'll visit three different souks and food-have an opportunity to try traditional Moroccan street food, dried meats, milawi and more. At the Honey Souq you'll be able to taste an array of delicious honeys and learn about their health-giving properties. You will also discover why honey is so significant in Moroccan cooking and Islamic culture.

The Tasting Trail also includes visiting a furnatchi Where the water for the communal bath house (hammam) is heated and a 400 year old Firan - a communal bakery.

Discover the world of Moroccan spices and their uses and the secrets of the male-oriented domain of the tea den under the guidance of a culinary leader and story-teller.

Sacred Music Festival 450DH Price is per person. Duration 2.5 hours. Meet at 10am Batha Post Office. (See booking details at the bottom of this post)

Volubilis and Moulay Idriss Tour

From 13th - 21st June you can take a half-day tour to Volubilis and Moulay Idriss departing at 9am returning at 2.30pm.

Spend time exploring the ancient Roman city of Volubilis. With its well preserved mosaics, palaces, baths and soaring arches it is considered one of Morocco's most important archeological sites.

After Volubilis move on to Moulay Idriss, one of Morocco's venerated Muslim sites. Moroccans say it is the place you must visit five times in your lifetime if you can not afford to go to Mecca. The scenic town has lovely souks to explore and a number of panoramic views of Volubilis.

Sacred Music Festival 450DH Price is per person and includes transportation, guided tour and lunch at a local farm close to Volubilis.

Duration 4.56hours. Transport leaves from the Batha Post Office at 9am.

Contact Plan-it-Fez and mention you discovered them via The View from Fez

Phone: +212 (0) 535 638 708 
Online: www.plan-it-fez . com

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