Monday, May 26, 2014

A Free Pre-Festival Hamadcha Sufi Concert - to be filmed by CNN

Great news for Fez music lovers who are hanging out for the start of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music.  Again this year, The View from Fez is hosting a concert at Riad Zany - and it is free!

The concert will feature the Hamadcha Tariqa (Sufi Brotherhood) who have been invited to Australia at the end of the year to perform for a week at the prestigious Woodford Festival.

The courtyard at Riad Zany  (photo below) is a great venue for an intimate concert 

The evening's ceremony will be filmed by a crew from CNN who are producing a series of programmes on and around North Africa.

The Hamadcha

The Hamadcha ritual, like that of the Gnawa, has a therapeutic function. The Hamadcha were for a long time regarded as expert therapists, and Moroccans looked to them for help because of their knowledge of “medicine of the mind”.

Like all Muslim brotherhoods, the Hamadcha are subdivided into separate groups proper to each town or region. The groups are affiliated with Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch and his descendants. During the moussem, which takes place every year, they gather at the tomb of the Saint in the region of Meknès.

Because of the modernization of Morocco, the future of traditional practices is uncertain, and the Hamadcha, as well as the other brotherhoods, are in danger of disappearing.

The Hamadcha of Fez, led by the master Abderrahim Amrani Marrakchi, distinguish themselves by their will to preserve the brotherhood from a possible disappearance. Their thorough knowledge of the repertoire and their remarkable musical skills make them the most renowned and valued Hamadcha of Morocco. They have performed on many occasions, for recordings and at festivals of traditional music.

Abderrahim Amrani Marrakchi
Frédéric Calmès  will perform with the Hamadcha
Rachida El Jokh - in charge of traditional incense for the ceremony


Free concert starts at 8pm on Sunday June 8th.  
Refreshments will be provided.
Venue is Riad Zany (home to The View from Fez)
Any questions? Email The View From Fez the address is here

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