Friday, May 23, 2014

Street Food Favourite Expands in Fez

Local Fez Medina residents have welcomed the expansion of Thami's Restaurant at Bab Boujloud. While a few extra tables are usually not something newsworthy, Thami's is an exception. Finding a free table is often a problem due to his popularity and we are talking about a man who a few years ago started with a single table and four chairs 

The new seating also has the advantage of being indoors and out of the sun. There is also a new toilet facility, something in short supply in the medina.

Local identity Richard Lawson discovers the "new" Thami's Restaurant

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Douchius Caesar said...

Sandy, we met today in the ruined garden at noontime. Your post is timely, as we looked for Thami's for dinner, but couldn't find it. Even none of the locals thst we asked knew of it! Cheers, Clarke