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Resto 7 - Open Again With Fine Fez Food

Back in March 2013 Resto 7 closed its doors and Fez lost one of its better restaurants. Now, happily, the doors are open again as Resto 7 announces its "chef-in-residence" programme. The grand opening last night was a wonderful chance for Fez locals to experience fine cuisine, great ambiance and the beginning of an exciting new venture
The grand re-opening showcased the skills of chef-in-residence Jerome Waag (pictured below) of Chez Panisse in California.

Jerome is an artist living in San Francisco and co-chef of Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley. His work, mostly collaborative, borrows from performance and installation art to create frames for social interaction and collective expression. he is part of the collaboratives openrestaurant, an experimental restaurant that relies on art practices to explore issues associated with the production, distribution, and consumption of food and the citizens laboratory, a platform to engage urban and civic issues.

The chalkboard menu

The evening began with wonderful beet leaves tempura and was followed by a delicious  chilled fresh green almond soup with diced melon and grape leaves. The milky taste was balanced by the freshness of the melon and the addition of the sprinkling of grape leaves was a nice touch. The ingredients came from Leila Miriam's organic farm at Fez Jdid. The one slight quibble expressed by guests was that the bread served with it should have been warmed to freshen it up.

The main course was organic shoulder of lamb served with mixed vegetables and a mint salsa verde. The vegetables were stunning and the lamb juicy and tender. However, both could have benefited from being served slightly warmer.

The evening was rounded out with a nod to the street food of Fez. The beignet with cherries marinated in cognac and served with tasty apricot was a treat although one that could equally well have been served as a snack with afternoon coffee.

Kathy Kriger from Rick's Cafe in Casablanca toasts to the success of the venture
Resto 7 owner Stephen di Renza 
Resto 7 - superb ambiance
Chilled fresh almond soup
Organic lamb and vegetables
A perfect end to a fine meal

Event organiser, Tara Stevens, said that the menu would change depending on availability of produce. The price for the three course menu is yet to be finalised but she expected it to be around the 35 Euro mark. 

It is to be hoped that visitors can also opt for only two courses as several people pointed out that not everyone wants a full meal and would prefer a lighter choice.

The restaurant will be open from 7.30pm Wednesday to Sunday and booking via their website is essential.  You will find the website here: Resto 7  

Jerome Waag

Jerome told The View from Fez that he was excited about being in the Fez Medina and having the opportunity to explore all the possibilities that the souk's provide  "I love the chance encounters and to use local ingredients. I love to keep it simple - food that is heart felt".
Cooking starts in the streets of the medina, in the oven of the baker, the hot ashes of the hammam, the piles of olives, the sardines trucked in from the ocean, the pickled plums sold randomly in plastic buckets, the dark honey, the sounds and smells of narrow streets lined with herbs and citrus and, hidden in the shade, the bustle of a crowd collecting intense flavours concentrated by the heat of an arid sun. back in the kitchen it will become a three course menu that changes everyday based on what is most inspiring.” - Jerome Waag

Please note that the menu will continue to change. For example for Saturday night Jerome Waag's dinner menu is:

Farah farm lettuce with pickled vegetable salsa and cilantro
Chilled cucumber soup with creme fraiche and mint
Braised lamb with zucchini gratin and stuffed squash blossom
Swordfish with fresh tomato sauce, green beans and roasted peppers
'Around the Corner' beignets with cherries in brandy and apricot coulis


Resto 7
7 zkak rouan
30200 fes medina
tel: + 212 (0) 535 638924

Further info CLICK HERE

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David said...

Thanks for the review and photos. The meal was excellent!! We are thrilled that Resto 7 has reopened its doors, and honored that Jerome will be with us in Fes this month. Bravo to Stephen for his excellent idea of having a guest chef for a month or two. May this be an inspiration and challenge to chefs at other restaurants in Fes.