Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Fes Festival Season in Fez

Fez is gearing up for the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music which begins on Friday the 13th of June. Most of the guest houses report having full bookings and restaurants are adjusting their opening times to allow visitors to eat between the afternoon and evening concerts

Also in the lead up to the Festival there are a number of free events that are worth attending.

"The squash in all its forms"

This may seem an unlikely title for an exhibition, but nevertheless, it opening: Saturday, June 7, from 19h, Jardin des Biehn Gallery.

The collection is the work of Michael Biehn and comprises more than four hundred objects made ​​in squash, gourds and coucourdes, from the 17th to the 21st century, Europe, Africa, Asia and America through to Provence and Morocco. These are bottles, boxes, musical instruments, flutes to charm snakes, crickets cages, vehicles dreams, snuff boxes, cases penile fishing floats, pears powder and shot, eggs mend socks and even a bottle of argan oil. They are painted, engraved, encased in silver, inlaid with ivory and turquoise, decorated with small glass beads or simply charred by smoke.

This extraordinary collection demonstrates the use man made ​​worldwide This common vegetable has an amazing property - if allowed to dry it can be emptied of its seeds maintaining a strong enough shell that has proved useful and since the dawn of time.

Free Concerts

Tomorrow sees the Whiffenpoofs return to Fez

Each year, 14 senior Yale men are selected to be in the Whiffenpoofs, the world's best known a cappella group. Made famous by their signature "Whiffenpoof Song," (which has since been covered by artists like Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, and Rudy Vallee), the 'Whiffs' carry forward their century-old tradition each year with over two hundred performances in such venues as Carnegie Hall, Broadway's Lincoln Center, and the Rose Bowl. They have been featured on television shows such as NBC's The Sing Off, The West Wing, The Today Show, 60 Minutes, Gilmore Girls, Jeopardy!, Saturday Night Live, and most recently on the Season 4 finale of the hit television show Glee. The Whiffenpoofs sang for President Obama at the White House in 2012 and tour to over twenty-five countries on six continents annually.

A Night of Sufi Music this Sunday

The big event this weekend is the free concert of Sufi music. The concert starts just after 8pm on Sunday 8th and visitors can be met at Cinema Amal Rcif at 8pm and guided to Riad Zany.

Fez Hamadcha
Please note that this concert will be filmed by a CNN television crew, so you might like to grab your best looking djellaba - and do put on your dancing shoes!   Full details here: Hamadcha Sufi Concert

Karima El Yatribi Free Lecture Friday, June 6 at 17:30 Fez French Institute Media Institute
Ahmed Sefrioui between forgetting and rehabilitation, Rabat, Bouregreg Edition 2014.

Karima Yatribi is Professor of French Language and Literature at the University Hassan II. Ain Chock. Casablanca. She was a special adviser to the Minister of Culture (2009-2010). Jury member and Atlas Grand Prix in 2010 Member of MGCC (Research Center for the Jews of Morocco), the CCLMC and CICLIM (International Coordination of Scholars literatures Maghreb). She has published numerous articles on North African literature in French ... Also she published by Bouregreg in 2011, The Rustle of memories. Her latest book is entitled: Ahmed Sefrioui between forgetting and rehabilitation, Rabat, E. Bouregreg, 2014

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