Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fes Festival 2014 ~ Opening Night Update & Libretto

Friday night's opening concert of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music - Conference of the Birds -  is inspired by the work of Persian poet Farid Ud-Din Attar. This enchanting musical journey is an invitation to follow the hoopoe, messenger of the birds, through seven valleys. The quest of the journey is to find the Simorgh, the legendary king of the birds. On the way, we discover traditional artists from all the continents of the world, illustrating the wide diversity of human expression.

While the performance is in a number of different languages, an English language translation of the libretto may be available at the venue.

The performers playing the major roles.

Nightingale:  Thomas Garnier, France, flute
Eagle:            Ahmad Compaoré, France, percussion
Parrot:           Elise Dabrowski, France, double bass
Dove:            Lahoucine Id Bouhouch, Morocco, oud
Flamingo:     Pierre Lordet, France, clarinet
Crane:           Rabah Hamrene, Algeria, violin
Peacock:       Jean-Pierre Liétar, France, brass
Simorgh & overture:    Ecole Nationale de Cirque Shems’y, Morocco
Man on the walls:         Jérôme Aussibal, France
The original music was arranged by Arash Sarkechik in complicity with the musicians of the orchestra Simurgh.

The music & dance of the world featured in the opening concert spotlights a number of different tableaux

Africa tableau : Musa Dieng Kala
Native American tableau: Luzmila Carpio
India tableau: Manochhaya, (Bharata-Natyam)
Judaism tableau: Mor Karbasi; Gerard Edery
Christianity tableau: St Ephraïm Choir
Islam tableau: Alper Gurkale & Ali Ihsan AksuSamaa El Harraq
China tableau: Zhou Ling Xia, Jiao Wang et Wang Li

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