Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Follow The Fes Festival on The View from Fez

Once again this year, The View from Fez will bring readers a comprehensive coverage of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music. Our reports, reviews and news updates will be refreshed several times a day and you can follow the action on the blog or get alerts on Twitter or Facebook. The View from Fez is an official Media Partner of the Fes Festival

Our team this year includes both local and visiting reporters and photographers.

We have a number of contributing photographers and writers as well as a core team of senior photo-journalists working with Editor-in-Chief Sandy McCutcheon

Vanessa Bonnin

Vanessa Bonnin is an Australian journalist and photographer who moved to Fez five years ago after buying a house in the medina with her husband. She runs a successful guest house and restaurant (her husband is the chef) called Dar Roumana and loves helping people experience the magic of Fez to the full. She spends her spare time working on personal photography projects in her darkroom at home and prefers black and white film as her artistic medium. She loves moonlighting for The View From Fez during the Sacred Music Festival as it gives her a chance to flex her creative muscles!

Larry Marshall

Larry Marshall was born in Sri Lanka and lives in Melbourne, Australia. He has been a teacher and development worker in the Philippines. Larry worked in community radio for five years, and then for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where he focused on the Asia-Pacific at Radio Australia, and current affairs at Radio National. He holds a Masters degree in Media and Film from La Trobe University. Currently he is researching Sri Lankan issues with young people, focused on peace and reconciliation.

Stephanie Kennedy

Stephanie Kennedy has spent 30 years as a journalist and writer. She began her career in Sydney, Australia and for more than a decade she covered the political intrigue of successive Government’s in the nation’s capital, Canberra

Much of her working life was spent at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. During her time there, Stephanie was assigned to the ABC’s London bureau for 4 years, covering the UK and Europe. She was also a foreign correspondent in Washington DC and returned to Australia to senior editorial and management positions.

Stephanie recently took a leap of faith and moved to the Alps in France where she’s now a freelance writer and in her spare time she enjoys skiing, climbing, hiking and mountaineering. She also takes the opportunity to attend music festivals in Europe and is a lover of classical music and ballet.


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