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More Fes Festival Fringe Activities

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music is more than just concerts. There are a large number of other activities that visitors to Fez can take part in.

Photography Exhibition

From June 13 to 21 the Stitched Shut exhibition features a collection of photographs from 127 Gallery in Marrakech, exhibited at the house of Ute Schrader. Stitched Shut can be viewed from 10 am to 2 pm daily, or by appointment. 

The exhibition includes works from Iranian artist, based in London, Afsoon; French-Belgian artist Diana Lui and Denis Dailleux, who was born in France and lives in Egypt.

Where: 1 Derb Touil, Fes Medina-Blida
Info: Natalie on 06 61 33 99 53 or Ute 06 55 35 75 41 /

From the Moroccan Icons series by Afsoon

Drum Making Workshops

On Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th between 10 am and 1pm there are Drum Making Workshops.

Music is a cornerstone of Moroccan life and can be heard from homes, celebrations, young street musicians and gnawa troops throughout the day.

The setting for this bohemian adventure is a Fondouk in the middle of the Medina. You will be introduced to a specialist drum-maker who will help you to choose an unfinished earthenware tom-tom drum and then take you to the leather worker to choose your hide, whether it be camel, goat or fish. You can decide by testing out some finished drums for the varying sounds they make. You are then taught by the artisanal expert how to work the hide onto the drum by yourself and the skill of different stringing techniques to secure it tightly to create the drum’s tones.

The workshop is finished off with a drumming session with a professional local drummer.

This is a great chance to create Moroccan rhythms and the beats of ancient times on your very own instrument.

The activity is offered by Plan-it-Fez and the Sacred Music Festival Price is 450dh per person. Booking essential. To take part meet at the Batha Post Office at 10am.

Tasting Trails

Souk Tasting Trails – 10am-12.30pm (Saturday 14th to Thursday the 20th)

Winding your way through the alleys and souks with a Fez food expert. You will visit three different food souks allowing the chance to try traditional Moroccan street food including dried meats, milawi, harsha,briwats, spicy sardines, spicy potato cakes, soups, olives and more.

At the honey souk we’re you’ll be able to taste an array of delicious wild honeys, discuss their flavours and health-giving properties and find out why honey is so important in Moroccan cooking andIslamic culture. You will also get to investigate traditional cooking methods by visiting a furnatchi where the water for the communal bath house ‘hammam’ is also heated, and a 400 year old ‘furan’ or communal oven and bakery.

Discover the world of spices and their uses and the secrets of the male-oriented domain of the tea den under the guidance of a culinary leader and story-teller.

Sacred Music Festival Price is 450dh per person. Booking essential. Meet at Batha Post Office
Tour Roman Ruins

13-21st June -- Half Day Tour to Volubilis and Moulay Idriss - 9am-2.30pm.

Spend time exploring the ancient Roman city of Volubilis. With its well preserved mosaics,
palaces, baths and soaring arches it is considered one of Morocco’s most important
archeological sites.

After Volubilis move on to Moulay Idriss, one of Morocco’s most venerated Muslim sites. It is
said that for Moroccan’s who can’t afford the trip to Mecca, then to travel five times in one’s
life to Moulay Idriss is of equal merit. The scenic village has lovely souks to explore and a
number of panoramic views of Volubilis.

Includes transport, guided tour at Volubilis and lunch at a nearby local farm. Sacred Music
Festival Price is 450dh per person. Booking essential. Pick-up Parking at Batha Post Office 9am.

Culture Vultures activities

For the 5th year Culture Vultures contributes to the rich program of activities in, around and under the Sacred Music Festival. Culture Vultures, an arts and culture organisation born in Fez in 2009, is very much in its element during the festival period. This year C.V. brings art to the street, the park and the main stage; flash mobbing, pOp uP exhibiting and endowing the main stage arena with projections on to its walls.

Culture Vultures - Events include Kim Simon. Beyond Tradition

Kim is an Australian artist who responds to a six week artist residency with Culture Vultures with ‘Honouring the ART in ARTisan' - an installation created in partnership with carpet knitters, weavers, button makers, copper beaters and leather workers.

Culture Vultures pOp uP Gallery. Talla Kbira. 13th – 21st June. 4 – 8 p.m.
This year’s pOp uP venture is a little further down the T’alla, a few spaces after Barcelona Cafe. Meet Kim at the space on Sunday 15th, from 4 p.m.

'Sing Upchoir from Melbourne Australia with Stuart Davis.
Flash Mobs. Performances around Fez. Can’t say where, can’t say when.

Sing up - from Australia

Exposé Artisanal Thursday the 19th of June. Bab el Makina . 8.45 p.m.
Video Montage. A presentation of the rich results of citizen reporters joining forces with the artisanship of Fez to celebrate who are and what goes into the handsome crafts of Morocco. Composed by Asil Visuals.

Fes Festival Photo Competition

During the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, The View from Fez invites you to submit photographs of the festival. We will publish the best and our judges will award a prize to the photograph that best captures the spirit of the Fes Festival. 

Photographs can be of performers, visitors, or simply photographs of Fez. 

The prize will be a dinner for two at a well known Fez restaurant

Photos should be emailed to They should be around 1 meg. Please submit a caption, your contact details and your country of origin.  Good luck! 

More Festival Fringe events to follow.

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