Sunday, June 15, 2014

Luzmila Carpio - Bolivian Bird Woman Soars Over Fez

The Voice of the Andes is the nickname given to the Bolivian singer, Luzmila Carpio and she didn’t disappoint with her performance at Musee Batha  
After taking part in the opening night extravaganza at the 20th Fes World Sacred Music Festival, she then backed up the following morning to perform ahead of the first of the forum discussions at Musee Batha. This afternoon Luzmila was back under the barbary oak tree  to take the audience on a musical journey that ascended new heights

Born in a small Bolivian village and descended from the Amerindian Quechua-Aymara people, Luzmila is deeply involved in preserving the culture of the ancient civilization.

Her mantra has been to use her music as an take a stand against the predominance of western ways over indigenous ones. She believes is a way to build more harmonious relationships among the peoples of the world.

During her performance she invoked the politics of her people, telling the crowd she refused to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Spanish conquest of Bolivia. She talked about her childhood and her love of animals and nature. This she says has influenced her music

Her songs are prayers dedicated to the gods, to her people, to nature and the condor, that great messenger of the mountains.

Her trademark style is to sing in the language of the birds with her voice reaching heights only birds can ascend to.

She was accompanied by a flute, a charango - a small Bolivian Andean lute, a guitar, and several different drums. But there is an additional instrument, the one that emerges from this small Bolivian woman when she uses her voice to sing like birds.

Her voice is fragile, ethereal and trill as she imitates the bird life found in her native country but also around the world. The crowd was transported to the skies above as Luzmila voice soared like a bird.

During the performance there were times when voice almost cracked as it failed to reach the heights she wanted it to fly.

For many of those who attended this performance it was the first time they had heard such a voice and there was a mixed response.

"At the beginning I was a bit unsure. As she got into it, I got into it. It grew on me and I really enjoyed it." Nadine, Dubai

Text: Stephanie Kennedy
Photographs: Vanessa Bonnin, Stephanie Kennedy

Tomorrow at the Fes Festival (Monday June 16)

Fez Forum at 9 at Batha Museum:  Giving Soul to Globalisation. Managing diversity 
Batha Museum 4pm: Bardic Divas - Kazakstan, Uzbekistan
Nights in the Medina 8pm &10pm Dar Adiyel: Wang Li and Amazigh poets
Dar Mokri 8pm & 10pm St Ephraim Choir - Hungry
Dar Batha 8pm &10pm  Majlis Trio - France
Batha Museum 9pm Altan - Ireland
Festival in the City 4pm: Jnan Sbil Garden: Women's orchestra of Fez
Festival in the City 6.30pm Bab Boujloud Square: Luzmila Carpio
Sufi Night at Dar Tazi 11pm:  Saqalia Brotherhood of Fez with Haj Mohammed Bennis
Tomorrow's Weather:  Cooler - Max 32 degrees Celsius (89.8 Fahrenheit) 
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