Friday, May 01, 2015

French Cultural Feast in Fez

There is a feast of culture on offer from the French Institute in Fez during May, starting with literature and an opportunity to meet Fouad Laroui

Laroui will be talking about his latest work  The tribulations of the last Sijilmassi published by Julliard in 2014. In his inimitable style, Fouad Laroui leads us in pursuit of his hero - a Moroccan engineer who has decided to break overnight with his modern and westernised lifestyle. The attempt to return to his roots is bumpy and more than a little uncertain, behind which is one of the great questions of our time: how to break down the walls that ignorance and obscurantism has erected between civilisations?

Fouad Laroui is a man of many talents and cultures - Moroccan by birth, engineer and economist by training, Professor of Literature at the University of Amsterdam, French-language novelist, Dutch poet, editor and literary critic.

He is the author of La Femme la plus riche du Yorkshire (2008),  Le jour ou Malika ne s’est pas mariée (2009), Une année chez les Français (2010), La Vieille Dame du riad (2011) and L’Étrange Affaire du pantalon de Dassoukine (2012 which received the Prix Goncourt.

Saturday, May 2,  6pm, at the Institute Mediatheque - entry is free.


Saturday, May 2: From 10 am: Dance Competition at Cinema Boujloud

Wednesday, May 6, 17 pm, Cinema Boujloud Movie My Sweet Pepper Land - Entry free

At the crossroads between Iran, Iraq and Turkey, in a remote village, a young police officer, Baran, will try to enforce the law. This veteran of Kurdish independence must now fight against Aziz Aga, a local kingpin.

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