Saturday, August 08, 2015

Amazigh Ahidous Festival Starts Today in Ain Leuh

Starting today (August 8) the 15th National Festival of Ahidous takes place in Ain Leuh and runs until the evening of the 10th

The Ahidous is a traditional dance performed by the Amazigh (Berber) of the Middle Atlas and the High Atlas, in which men and women, perform with dance and singing accompanied by the by the bendir (large wood framed tambourine).

The women of the Ahidous Tizwit

The dancers form a circle, or a semicircle, or in two rows facing each other. The dance is punctuated with tambourine and hand clapping. The movements are collective; it is a trampling of the soil or a rippling, earthquake.

Ahidous Kelaa Mgouna

This 15th edition has been organised by the Ministry of Culture and the Taymat Association for Atlas Art and also includes poets and historians who link the history and future of the Amazigh culture.

Ain Leuh is a village located in the Middle Atlas, some 50 k from Ifrane.

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