Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Weather in Fez - About To Cool Down

The extended period of heatwave conditions in Fez may be about to come to an end. While temperatures  have been over 40 degrees Celsius for weeks, the end may be in sight
Swimming pools in Fez have proved very popular

If the forecasts are to be believed, the week ahead will see temperatures dropping by as much as 10 to 12 degrees.

While Monday will still be a warm 38 and cloudy, Tuesday will drop to 37, Wednesday to 36, Thursday to 33, Friday to 32, Saturday to 31 and Sunday to a very acceptable 30 degrees.

The flash flood at Marrakech airport left passengers wading through water

While coastal areas will continue to enjoy warm but not extreme weather, Marrakech will follow Fez in seeing a gradual drop from the 40s down to the mid 30s.

Hopefully Marrakech will not have to experience again the weather that dumped a lot of rain on the city on Friday. The sudden downpour inundated parts of the city, including flooding at the airport.

A young girl  in Fez cools down at high speed 

For the people of Fez, so far from the ocean, the alternative has been the swimming pools. Fortunately the city has a number of well run swimming pools which have been doing very good business during the heatwave. The lifeguards are attentive, the water quality is superb and males and females swim together without any problems.

For a group of conservative women in Tangier, the answer lies in having a private beach or swimming area where they can enjoy the water without the attentions of the men, who they claim harass them on more public beaches.

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