Monday, August 10, 2015

Tiznit's Silver Festival 2015

If you want some amazing Moroccan silver art then this month Tiznit is the place to go. The city of Tiznit will host the 6th Timizart Silver Festival from the 13 to 17 August,  under the theme: "Silverware and jewellery: identity, creativity and development."

There are 150 specialist silver shops plus the exhibition area

According to organisers, the event aims to highlight aspects of cultural identity and the heritage of Tiznit, as well as promoting local handicrafts, including silver jewellery and the promotion of cultural tourism in Tiznit.

The program of this edition includes musical evenings, fashion shows, and traditional jewellery in addition to academic conferences on Amazigh culture,  anthropological aspects of silver and the role of museums in preserving cultural heritage.

There will, for the first time also be a tourist bike ride through the city and its rural areas.

A host of artists will share the spotlight during the festival, including Said Senhaji, Rachida Talal, Ibtisam Tiskat, Badr Sultan, Muslim rap singer and Amazigh group Izenzaren Chamekh.

Rachida Talal - a voice of pure silver

The organisers expect an attendance of  around 200,000 visitors, a figure recorded in the previous editions.

The festival is an initiative of the Association Timizart, with the collaboration of the Chamber of Crafts, the municipality and the provincial Tiznit Council, the Maison de l'Artisan and the assistance of other public and private partners.

Located near the coast, Sultan Moulay Hassan settled in Tiznit in 1881 to exert his control over dissident Amazigh (Berber) tribes of the Souss. In 1912, Ahmed al-Hiba (El Hib), a populist rebel overthrew the French government and proclaimed himself sultan of Tiznit in the town's mosque. He conquered the Sous by uniting the tribes of the Anti Atlas Mountains and the Tuareg. He went on to attack Marrakech but was suppressed by the French.

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