Monday, February 15, 2016

Meknes International Festival of Animation

The 15th edition of the Meknes International Festival of Animation (FICAM) will take place between March 25th and 30th in Meknes

Organised by the French Institute of Meknes and Aisha Foundation, this 15th edition is expected to attract the general public, art school students and audiovisual and film professionals

The festival will focus on the animated documentary form and include a retrospective devoted to the Romanian director Anca Damian.

Anca Damian

Anca Damian studied at the Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Bucharest where she majored in cinematography and later obtained a Doctor's degree in Film. She has worked as the director of photography for two feature films and many other documentary films. Her work includes Crossing Dates (2008), Crulic - The Path to Beyond (2011),  A Very Unsettled Summer (2013) and the animated docu-drama The Magic Mountain (2015)
I'm digging and experimenting at every stage. One of my targets is not to repeat things, to try to be fresh. Life is a mix. Life is dark with light, tears with laughing - if life is complex why shouldn't my film be? - Anca Damian
Included in the festival is an exhibition, Travel Portraits from French director Bastien Dubois who is known for Madagascar, a Journey Diary (2010), Cargo Cult (2013) and Portraits de voyages Japon: Hôjô Jutsu (2013).

Bastien Dubois

The opening session will screen the documentary The Prophet by American Roger Allers who was inspired by the work of Gibran Khalil Gibran. The film, was a pet project of Selma Hayek who produced as well as taking the lead voice role alongside Liam Neeson. It has received mixed reviews.

The jury, chaired by the Moroccan director El Mahassine Hachadi, will have their work cut out with  32 films and 230 short films vying for one of the 6 major prizes.

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