Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Jazz in the City ~ Jazzablanca 2016

The 11th edition of the Jazzablanca festival plays from April the 16th to 24th and this year's programme promises to be a high quality, eclectic mix. The organisers have just released the names of the 3 headliners for the festival

On April 17th fans will be treated to a concert from the man known as "The African Sting". Richard Bona, the Cameroonian bass virtuoso and songwriter, offers stylish jazz-rock and melodies from his native Cameroon.

With the powerful groove and unparalleled precision, Bona is considered one of the most gifted bassist of his generation and has  played with big names such as Didier Lockwood, Manu Dibango, Joe Zawinul, George Benson and Pat Metheny. Today, he leads a successful solo career and is considered a star of the jazz world.

Richard Bona

“Imagine an artist with Jaco Pastorious’s virtuosity, George Benson’s vocal fluidity, Joao Gilberto’s sense of song and harmony, all mixed up with African culture. Ladies and gentlemen, that is Richard Bona!” – Los Angeles Times
On the 19th Melody Gardot will make a return to the festival after her participation in 2013. Gardot (born February 2, 1985) is a Grammy-nominated American singer, writer and musician from Philadelphia. She has been influenced by such blues and jazz artists as Judy Garland, Janis Joplin, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Stan Getz and George Gershwin as well as Latin music artists such as Caetano Veloso. Her music has been compared to that of Nina Simone.

Melody Gardot

Her new album Currency of Man is full of 60s soul and funk groove of the 70's. Melody Gardot is a Buddhist, a macrobiotic cook and humanitarian who often speaks about the benefits of music therapy and the urgency of living "here and now".

The final member of the headline triad and who will take to the stage on April 20th is Goran Bregovic with his orchestra.

Goran Bregovic

This Yugoslavian Roma (gypsy) musician is hailed as one of the greatest European composers. This musical genius will deliver a generous and festive performance with a mixture of gypsy music and world music. Bregović's compositions, extending Balkan musical inspirations to innovative extremes, draw upon European classicism and Balkan rhythms. He has collaborated with the late Cesaria Evora, Iggy Pop, and scored the soundtracks for Emir Kusturica's films. Recently, he announced his official return to his home town of Sarajevo and set up a Roma education. foundation.

At venues around Casablanca, including the Anfa Racecourse, the BCMI stage and United Nations Square there will be musical parades, children's workshops, master classes, open-air concerts and competitions for young musicians, Casablanca will vibrate for 9 days to the sound of ... Jazzablanca!

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