Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another House Collapse in Fez

Following the recent heavy rains a house in the Bab Siffer district of Fez collapsed on Sunday. According to authorities there were no casualties as the four storey house had been unoccupied for five years. The collapse took place around 8 in the evening

A team, including the Wali of the region Fez-Meknes, Said Zniber, was dispatched to the scene and an investigation was opened to determine the exact causes of the collapse.

According to a recent census claimed there are some 1,100 buildings, inhabited by 5,000 families in various parts of the city of Fez which are in danger of collapse.

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1 comment:

Mark Grogan said...

Thank goodness that nobody was living in that building! I can't imagine how bad it must be if there are so many houses in the city that might end up looking like this if they aren't fixed soon!