Wednesday, March 30, 2016

French Institute - Free Film in Fez

FICAM Ciné Concert:

(Même) pas peur du Loup

The fear of wolves is undeniably a fundamental and recurring fears of children. The figure of the wolf is present in the collective unconscious and in the albums of youth literature, tales, stories, cartoons, inspiring all generations. Children thus constantly "in touch" with this iconic figure. They love to play at frightening: "Let's play the wolf!". Fear is fundamental in their construction and development of their imagination. It spurs the senses, stimulates creativity and inventiveness and creates the ultimate laughter and relief.

Music and Cinema - with musicians: Anne-Laure Bourget and Olivier Leroy
Duration: 45 minutes
Thursday, March 31, 19h, Dar Batha
Free entry

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