Sunday, April 24, 2016

Earth Day in Fez - Photo Essay

E a r t h  D a y

Earth Day in Fez was celebrated by a group of thirty children from around the Fez Medina. They came together to participate in a drawing and art workshop to express their personal feelings about the environment. The project was funded by the ALC/ALIF Environment Club

The workshop was coordinated by Omar Chennafi with artistic direction from Australian textile/installation artist Kim Simon. She was assisted by Mitch O'Sullivan and New Zealanders Georgia Bartlett and Katy Hassall.

The aspiring artists are given guidance by members of the ALIF/ALC Environment Club
Australian artist Kim Simon
New Zealand artist, Katy Hassall, gives a helping hand
Local children of all ages joined in

Children from the Fez Medina Children's Library also took part with two of the librarians coming along to assist the children.

After their works of art were completed the children were delighted by the notion of turning their work in to a "planet" to hang in their rooms or on neighbourhood trees.

The Fez Medina Children's Library librarians were happy to help
New Zealander, Georgia Bartlett, displays a young girl's work
"Clean water, clean air and a happy home - the perfect environment "says Salahadeen
"Just like the earth" - the drawings are transformed
"All my own work for Earth Day"
Hanging the finished work
A great Earth Day for the Medina kids
The artists celebrate a great Earth Day 2016

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