Saturday, April 23, 2016

R'Cif Renovations - Not Yet Officially Opened

 A few weeks ago there was a buzz of excitement when HM King Mohammed VI arrived in Fez as it was expected he might inaugurate the new airport and open the restored areas in R'Cif - so far it has not happened

The river at R'Cif - before in 2009 (above) and after, 2016 (below)

According to locals, who claim to have sources close to the palace, HM the King was displeased that the work had not been totally completed. True or not, it is obvious that there is still work to be done, especially on the riverside walkways. The walkways are a new addition and it is expected that they will prove to be very popular.

There is still work to be done
Renovation of the Dyer's Souq is now completed
The new shops in the Seffarine square are now back in business

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