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Morocco in May - A Cultural Feast!

From Fes to the Valley of Roses, from Essaouira to Rabat and Tan Tan, Morocco will turn into one big stage for the month of May with concerts, meetings and performances up and down the country 
Fes Festival

Top of the list is the  Fes Festival of World Sacred Music (Festival Musiques Sacrées du Monde) in Fes from May 6-15, a musical and cultural event that animates the imperial city by creating a synergy between art and spirituality each year. Women are the protagonists of this 22nd edition with the theme "the women founders" celebrating the role and influence of women of the Orient in music and poetry.

Kelaat M'gouna, approximately 100 km from Ouarzazate, hosts the Moussem des Roses, or rose festival, from May 8-10 in honour of the Damask rose growing in the valley. The colourful and perfumed festival includes concerts, dancing and events including the election of Miss Rose.

Kelaat M'gouna Rose Festival - 8th to 10th of May

From May 12-15 it is the turn of the Festival Gnaoua et Musiques du Monde in Essaouira, one of the world's most important music festivals attracting roughly 500,000 people each year. Numerous artists will entertain the eclectic public again this year with a variety of music ranging from Gnaoua to jazz, hiphop, offunky, afrobeat and world music.

Gnaoua Festival in Essaouira

The capital Rabat is to host the 15th edition of the Mawazine Festival bringing together pop, jazz and soul legends from all over the world from 20-28 May. This year the festival will open with an inaugural concert by pop king Chris Brown and close with a performance by Christina Aguilera.

The Amazigh Tan Tan Festival

Last but not least, the Amazigh (Berber) Tan Tan festival from May 23-27 brings together around 30 nomadic tribes from southern Morocco and other parts of northwest Africa in testimony to the cultural patrimony of the region's various ethnic groups. The guest of honour of the 11th edition of the festival is Tunisia.

NOTE! The Fes Festival has been extended. See details here: Fes Festival

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