Monday, June 20, 2016

Another Push to Ban Plastic Bags in Morocco

Morocco is to continue its fight against plastic bags with a special cleanup between June the 24th and the 26th. The focus will be on “black areas,” where plastic bags are everywhere. The project, called Zero Mika, has been launched by the Moroccan Coalition for Climatic Justice (CMJC)

The CMCJ hopes that this awareness raising project of awareness will strengthen the use of alternative products to replace plastic bags.

With the Conference of Parties (COP 22) in Marrakech approaching, the Zero Mika campaign has been launched to replace plastic bags in Marrakech before COP 22.

The CMJC is a coalition of approximately 150 associations, key networks and syndicates, who will organise awareness programmes and teams collecting rubbish in many cities of the kingdom.

This campaign will also seek to mobilise the public with a call to action for all citizens.

In 2015 the Minister of Industry proposed a bill to ban the import, export, manufacture, and use of plastic bags and to impose heavy fines on violators. On March 24, the government ratified a decree to apply the provisions of the bill.

There are a billion plastic bags used every year in Morocco and without an effective recycling policy, most of the bags are polluting soil and seeping into groundwater as they decay.

The CMJC launched the hashtag #zéromika to invite users to participate in the operation. It is also suggesting an alternative - the Gouffa - a wicker basket. They have featured this in a series of video just released on Facebook .



Linda Ivezic said...

What a great plan. I hope it achieves its aim and other countries take it on too.

Linda Ivezic said...

What a great idea. I hope it takes Morocco by storm and other countries follow suit.