Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fez To Get Arts Institute

Fez is finally going to have an Institute of Arts with a budget of 60 million dirhams. The aim is to strengthen cultural and artistic activities in Morocco's spiritual capital through the establishment of new cultural structures able to meet the expectations and aspirations of the inhabitants of the city. The project will assist in the training of young artists and enhance the talents of professionals

The project has been approved by the Council of the urban district and will be conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Culture (20 million dirhams), the Ministry of the Interior (10 million dirhams), the Ministry Housing and urban policy (10 million dirhams), the Council of the Fez-Meknes region (10 million dirhams), the urban commune of Fez (8 million dirhams) and the Assembly of prefectural Fez (2 million dirhams).

The various stakeholders say they are committed to mobilising their financial contributions for the development of an art institute, the first of its kind in Fez. The Institute of Fine Arts in Fez is now funded for construction during the period 2016-2019.

Currently, according to the Fez Head of Cultural Management, Lahcen Acherfi, Fez lacks the cultural infrastructure appropriate for the spiritual capital of Morocco. The creation of an Institute of Fine Arts is only a part of the city’s 365 million dirham initiative to enrich the cultural landscape.

In addition to the Institute of Fine Arts, Fez plans to build a Grand Theatre, Congressional Palace, and a new museum that will benefit artists, academics, tourists, and the citizens of Fez.


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