Friday, November 25, 2016

Hamadcha Tariqa in Fine Form

Ten members of the Hamadcha Tariqa (Sufi Brotherhood) performed a free concert tonight at the ALIF Riad in Batha. The Moroccan audience was delighted with the performance as were the foreign students who attended
The Hamadcha entered by candlelight

The Tariqa, with leader Abderrahim Amrani, made their traditional Hamadcha entrance by candlelight and after a gentle beginning added drums to their lineup and within minutes had many of the younger people in the crowd on their feet dancing.

The Hamadcha with Abderrahim Amrani centre
A hi-octane performance

As usual the tempo increased as the performance built up to the hadra and the hi-octane crescendo of the performance.  The crowd, and the Sufi group, were justifiably ecstatic. Although the group comprised only a small number of the Hamadcha, they showed once again why they are considered one of Morocco's national treasures.

Photographs: Sandy McCutcheon


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