Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Remote Families Get Aid During Cold Weather

Every year, between December and January, Morocco experiences very low temperatures in some regions of the country.  And although we are still in November the country is suffering from a sudden onset of extreme cold weather.  In response, considerable human and logistical support has been mobilised to alleviate the impact of the cold wave 

Yesterday the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity came to the aid of communities facing the harsh cold wave plaguing the mountainous and remote areas of the province of Azilal.

The Foundation undertook the distribution of aid to 2,379 families in the rural commune of Zaouiat Ahansal. This is only the first phase of an operation to mitigate the impact of the cold snap on the population. The initiative focused on the distribution of blankets and food (sugar, oil, tea, milk, and legumes) from three distribution points in the town.

This humanitarian action, for a total of 5646 families in 78 communities spread over the entire territory of the province, was conducted in coordination between the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, as well as provincial, local and security authorities.


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